Great design is a collaboration:
you + me = brand magic.

Whether you're just launching out on your own, or you're ready to take your business to the next level, I'm here to help you clarify the heart of your message and establish a brand that sets you apart.

You know your business better than anyone. 

My brand development process will help you find your unique story, get clear on your vision and core message, and build a visual brand designed to speak to the right clients. Here's what I'll bring to the table to help you get there: 

Clarity and Synthesis: I can help you clarify and articulate your brand essence, and synthesize the visual & verbal elements to produce a cohesive story that captures your audience and builds a relationship of trust, leading to better business and happier customers.

Creative Strategy: The words "creative" and "strategy" don't always run with the same crowd, but they should: put them together thoughtfully, and incredible things start to happen. I love to help smart and savvy business owners like you make the creative leaps that will energize your brand and catalyze your journey to world domination. 

Insight: I'll use my x-ray vision to spot holes and blind spots in your brand communication, and can help you sift, winnow, and drill down to your core identity and message — and communicate it clearly.

Design: The visual expression of your brand is where everything comes together: vision, values, core message, voice and style. Once we're clear on where you're going, I'll work with you to elevate your brand with smart, custom design that turns heads.

A bit about me...

Hailing from the north woods of Wisconsin, I've lived and worked in Madison, Beijing, and Kansas City, and I now call Minneapolis home. I'm a people-loving introvert, runner, food lover, and traveler with a penchant for Earl Grey tea, avocado toast, and piles of books (preferably all three at once). Back in the day, I earned a degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin, and dabbled in global communications for a few years before returning to school to study graphic design and illustration. Through it all, I've carried my trusty camera, seeking out and documenting some incredible people, far-flung places, and, in the words of Steve McCurry, "the unguarded moment."

I’ve always been drawn to words as well as images, and it’s in the intersection of the visual and the verbal — storytelling, design, brand development — that I see the most interesting challenges (and the greatest opportunities!) for businesses and organizations to leverage their unique strengths and stories to reach people like no one else can.

Because, here's the thing: stories can absolutely change the world.

I'm convinced of it.

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Want to work with me?

Thanks! I'd be delighted to learn more about your business or project, and to find out if we're a good fit for one another. Jump on over here to fill out a quick inquiry form and I'll get back to you soon!