October Playlist

Just for fun, here's a little roundup of some of my current faves in culture, art, storytelling and creativity. A few of the things I’m loving these days:

Listening: The On Being podcast — How have I only recently discovered this?? The host, Krista Tippett, is a magician of conversations. She recently was honored at the White House for…and I quote…“thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence.” Check out one of my favorite conversations here: Yo-Yo Ma, “Music Happens Between the Notes.”

Cooking: Food52 is an incredible online food community with THE best recipes, food ideas and cooking tutorials. Plus their email newsletters are so beautiful, I want to eat them. On my table this week: Roasted Salmon with Crispy Coconut Kale and Coconut Rice (seriously. it’s delicious.)

Reading: How the World Sees You, by Sally Hogshead. Written by a branding and marketing veteran, this book is a new spin on personality typing (and totally relevant to brands, as well as people) — it explores how to best use your unique personality advantages for truly impactful communication. I think she’s onto something.

Perusing: Brain Pickings, and their fascinating free weekly “interestingness digest”(!). (In a nice little Brand Story Clarity Map tie-in, today’s lead article celebrates the sidekicks behind a slew of history’s creative geniuses.)

Watching: C’mon, Royals!!