Smart branding exudes quality, evokes trust, and acts as a magnet for potential customers and clients.

Your brand is the sum of all the experiences that people have with you, whether through your website, advertising, word of mouth or personal encounter. It’s what they think of you, what they know about you, and how they feel when your work intersects with their lives or when they buy a product or service from you (or, when they don’t).

Most importantly: a truly effective brand changes how people feel about themselves.


Let's make some brand magic.

I'll help you drill down to the heart of your values and core message, then give shape and definition to the unique story that captures the essence of your business and makes your brand irresistible.

Whether you're an entrepreneur in the first stages of the game, or you've been around for a while and are ready to take things to the next level  — if you want to elevate your business and create an experience that customers can't resist, then we should talk.

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"Erin’s the total package: she’s got mad design and thinking skills, excellent intuition, and the ability to boil things down into something stylish and approachable that makes sense and feels right."

- Drew Hood
Creative Director, Writer & Photographer
American Bible Society and


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